The Krome Story
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Our Story

The Krome Story

It really started out as us, The Three Brothers, wanting to do something together – to be able to create and challenge our limitations. With that, we built Krome Reno with the vision of Building Our Future History.

Building our Future History

KROME RENO is built on the image and foundation of their founders, capturing their growth and struggles while building a heritage of legacy.


Our BELIEFS are built on two complementing elements – a good DESIGN and a good design PROCESS.


A good DESIGN should be Useful, Clever, and Beautiful.


A good design PROCESS must be able to FLOW above complexity and limitations of design and practicality. Leave the research and solutions development to us. Let your problems be ours.


We FOCUS not only on the product or architectural design but also on the ecosystem of design and build to make your renovations more meaningful.


We believe that our Design and Process can be better by understanding your social and motivational levers that influence your behaviors, needs and desires.


All in all we can say that…


KROME RENO Believes in Designing Useful, Clever, and Beautiful things, and creating a Process to Flow above Complexity by Focusing on the Ecosystem of Design and Build by understanding of our clients’ needs and desires.

Let us turn your vision into a reality! Fancy a cup of coffee?