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About This Project

Apart from restoring the external facade of this property, we’ve built an outdoor cabinet that is water resistant – the surface does not absorbs water like any other.  One biggest trouble that this home owner faced was a 20 year old granite flooring.  It was his loved child, flown and bedded to call this his home.

The floor was destroyed by the previous contractors and his old cabinets had created stains from absorbing chemicals from the standard of the shelve floor detergent.

Point one, do not buy a floor detergent because it is cheap.  Buy it for the right purpose.  For this case, it should be for the protection of the natural stones.

It took us 5 days, 5 nights, and 3 tough granite restoration warriors to slog it out – chemically absorbing the sank substance, drying (completely), buffing, polishing, treating, and repeat 3 times.

We do not believe in cheating by just stripping the surface.  It only leaves scars like a popped pimple.