Holistic Space Design Services
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Our Services

Holistic Design Spaces

Krome Reno services_1

The heart of a Home Renovation is the word, ‘Home.’ It should be a place of dwelling, where memories and family stories are created and shared. It becomes your adventure, your moment, and your – Chapter of Life.

Krome Reno commercial_design1

In a Commercial Design, it is always about ‘Location and Identity.’ The design of your commercial space should encapsulate what your customers and clients associate you as. We know that you face high commercial costs in leasing and operations. Our design and build process balances Image with Cost Efficiency.

Krome Reno industrial_design

Often neglected but essential aspect to any Industrial Design is – Presentation. We see your Industrial Space like a Laboratory – Practical, Functional, and Presentable.

Event Spaces are one of our specialties as it challenges to re-invent. We create your event space to be Different, Spatial, and Experiential. With us, your Event is always about your ‘Message to Deliver’.

Why not let your design last? Time, Humidity, and Weather conditions will challenge the lifespan of your products. As a value added service, we want to educate you on how we can help keep that design everlasting.

Krome Reno procurement2

We do not believe in wastage or over estimation. Let us help you to maximize your purchase and minimize your expenditure to achieve your desired look and concept.

More Services

  • Painting (Interior and Exterior)
  • Design Paint Finishing
  • Waterproofing
  • Carpentry
  • Natural Stone Polishing
  • Fixture and Product Manufacturing

Let us turn your vision into a reality! Fancy a cup of coffee?