Eco Friendly Home Guide and Tips

Eco Friendly Home Guide and Tips

The global pandemic has brought on a new normal. We are spending more time at home, be it for work or rest. Therefore, the quality of our places and spaces have become even more paramount. The shift towards healthy home environment is now in the forefront. Here we provide an easy-to-follow Eco-Friendly Home Guide and Tips to start you off.

Is my estate green?

If you live in an HDB in Singapore, chances are, you are living in one with green features. HDB has listed a page of estates, although not exhaustive, with leading sustainable initiatives. A modern Build-To-Order (BTO) public housing estates in Singapore already has innate green building features. Some examples are:

  • Renewable energy,
  • landscaped common areas,
  • separate chutes for recycling,
  • motion-sensing LED corridor lighting,
  • and the use of sustainable and recycled products in the estate’s development.

If you live in a new condominium built from year ___, there are likely chances that your condominium also has green features. That is because the Singapore Building and Construction Authority made it mandatory for developers to achieve the minimal BCA Green Mark building standards, as a Singapore Blueprint. The level of greening and sustainability would vary between developments.

If my estate is already “green”, why should I do it for my home interior?

Building products and materials that go into a home directly impact the quality of the space. Materials with high levels of hazardous substances can cause long-term ailments, like ____. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to materials used for home renovation.

A range of building materials go into any renovation project, but high impact ones directly affect the quality of the space. Even materials not visible in the final renovated home can have tangible impact.

Finally, if this is your own home, would you not want a house that is safe for you and your family’s health?

What are the backbones of a green home?

Homes should be renovated with health in mind to promote occupant wellbeing to reduce the chances of sick building syndrome. The World Green Building Council, a global association promoting sustainability-focused practices in the building and construction industry, has a Green Homes Guide which outlines the 3 main elements of a healthy home.

  • Air quality;
  • lighting;
  • and thermal & acoustic comfort

Many interior designers are familiar with green materials and some make it a point to approach home renovation in a green, sustainable manner.

5 Easy Tips on how to Green Your Home:

  • Switching to a Green electricity supply
  • Use of environmentally-friendly, FSC-certified timber furniture
  • Use of energy-efficient LED-lighting and electrical appliances
  • Use of IAQ Monitoring Device
  • Use of Smart lighting to reduce use of main lights at night 

When and how should I start the process?

Planning can start even before key collection. ASK for certified green building materials before undergoing renovation projects. A green home will reap both savings as well as health benefits for your family.

What Green Home Product should I use?

We’re happy to share that we have completed a green home!
See the list of green home products used: Eco-Friendly Home at Canberra EastCreek

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